French manufacturer of card holders for professionals

3 reasons to opt for a French card holder

By APCards | Reading time : 3 minutes


When choosing a card holder, it is important to find out where it comes from. Depending on where it is made, the case will have different characteristics, especially in terms of protection and durability.

1. French industrial technical expertise

French industrial know-how in plastic injection moulding, acquired over almost half a century in aeronautics, automobile construction and connectors, is one of the highest in the world. These very demanding manufacturing procedures acquired by the majority of French manufacturers provide a guarantee of very high quality for products manufactured in France.

The notions of traceability implemented for both the supply of materials and the various productions are an advantageous complement to the high level of French quality. This allows some manufacturers such as APCards to offer a 1 year warranty on the majority of products.

In addition, the existence of schools providing training from the Youth Training to the engineer level ensures very highly qualified human resources both in terms of design and development and in terms of industrial efficiency.

2. A reduced environmental footprint

Opting for French manufacturing means relying on the proximity between the various players from design to manufacturing, right through to delivery. In addition to promoting employment and French know-how in the manufacture of cases for cards and badges, the distance travelled by the products is reduced and the road transport methods used are less polluting than air transport.

In the era of sustainable development, this fact must be taken into account. In addition, European standards allow for better traceability of component materials to guarantee their composition and the absence of dangerous substances, particularly in biosourced or biodegradable materials.

3. Optimised delivery times

The other advantage of choosing a French card holder is the facilitation of the logistics chain. The geographical proximity between the manufacturing plants and the storage warehouses, which are also located in France, ensures maximum availability of goods and optimised delivery times and costs for customers. In B2B, this logistical efficiency is a key to being able to respond effectively to high-volume orders.