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Brands, patents and certifications

VEGET'ALL®, our eco-friendly card holders

On the strength of its experience in the design and manufacture of card holders for professionals, the AP Cards team has developed VEGET’ALL®, a range of 100% vegetal and 100% biodegradable cases (NF EN 14995 certified by SERP BIO), a real alternative to plastic products, derived from petroleum.

The result of several years of Research and Development, Veget’all® is since 2017 the eco-friendly reference case available as a card holder and badge holder and can be personalised with digital printing, screen printing or manufactured in specific colours.

Made in France from GMO-free French corn, our customizable card holders and badge holders ensure quality and rigidity to offer long-lasting and eco-responsible protection for cards and badges.


RFIDWall®, our anti-piracy card holders

Specialised in the design and manufacture of protective card holders for business customers, the AP Cards team has developed RFIDWall®, a range of customizable card holders providing protection against involuntary payment and bank data hacking.

Equipped with specific shielding, reading or writing to the remote chip is made impossible. Our shielding covers the surface area necessary to protect the latest generation bank cards (with a larger antenna), thus ensuring effective protection against data piracy.

Card and badge holders made in France, certified by the ELITT laboratory and designed for high protection of bank cards in order to guarantee quality and security.

APCards, owner of European patents

We pursue a constant policy of protecting our intellectual property, which is sanctioned by a number of European patents, enabling our distribution partners not to compete quickly with similar products: last patent filed in 2019: europatent EP 18162289.5-1011.

Discover our patented products: the APB104+ Evolution (security card holder with locking system), the Milano (multi-use card holder) and the Mobifix (innovative recharging holder for mobile phones).

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Certified production factories

Our card holders are manufactured in ISO 9001- V2015, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485 and ISO 5001 certified factories. Located in the West of France, they are recognised for their reliability and professionalism and are the subject of regular technological investments that enable them to produce high quality card holders thanks to fully automated high-capacity equipment.