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Business gifts: the 5 advantages of a personalised card holder

By APCards | Reading time : 3 minutes

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1 | A useful and practical object

The card holder has a real function, that of protecting the customer’s card or badge. Whether it is a bank card or a transport card, the card holder is designed to fit all types of standard (ISO) cards, making it a polyvalent object that can meet the needs of many customers.

2 | A sustainable and profitable object

The advertising card holder, if it has been designed and manufactured according to strict quality criteria, is a durable object that can be used for many years. It is therefore a profitable investment that allows for long-term brand recognition. Effective and low-cost advertising impact compared to traditional forms of advertising that do not offer better guarantees and returns on investment. According to a study by 2FPCO (French federation of object-based communication professionals) published in 2017, 69% of respondents have a good opinion of the company after receiving a quality goodie.

3 | A high take-up rate

Because of its function, the card holder is more likely to accompany the customer in his daily life than any other goodie. For example, according to Statista, 3 payments were made per week in 2019 out of the 67,000,000 bank cards in existence in France, i.e. use on almost every second day. Another example is in the public transport sector, where users with a pass to the public transport network have to travel daily.

4 | Multiple customisation options

Today, there are many personalisation techniques available to promote customer logos and messages. The main techniques used are digital printing, silk-screening and relief printing (doming). Thanks to its two flat sides, the card holder lends itself perfectly to personalisation.

5 | The card holder can also be environmentally friendly

In the era of sustainable development, some criteria are increasingly important to consumers. Also according to the 2FPCO study dating from 2017, 87% of respondents said they take into account the ethical aspect of the goodie, 85% the ecological aspect, and 74% the French manufacture. Criteria which the card holder can meet, in particular thanks to the development of certain cases such as the biosourced and biodegradable card holder entirely made in France.