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How to choose the right badge holder?

By APCards | Reading time : 5 minutes

Effective protection badge holder

The badge holder, an effective protection

Badge holders have been in use for many years and have become commonplace in the business world.

The growing use of badge holders in companies is partly due to the practicality and variety of uses they offer. They protect employee badges from loss, breakage or premature wear.

The design and choice of material of the badge holder is therefore essential as it will determine the durability and level of protection of the badge. Manufacturing in ISO9001 workshops will guarantee the quality of the badge holder.

For example, the thickness of the sides is an important criterion of robustness. The thicker they are, the more robust the case will be. Furthermore, the use of a crystal polystyrene or PVC badge holder is strongly disadvised for reasons of fragility.

For a rigid and rugged badge holder, it is best to choose cases made of zylar or polycarbonate, two materials which, in addition to offering good transparency, are highly resistant to shocks and bending.

Durability is a key criterion

At some events, such as trade shows or seminars, badge holders are unlikely to be worn for more than a day. It is attractive to opt for a low-cost product.

However, durability should be an essential criterion in the choice of a badge holder. In the age of sustainable development, it must be of high quality so that it can be reused over several years and no longer be considered as a simple consumable.

It is also necessary to take into account the end of life of the badge holder which, despite its robustness, may need to be replaced after several years of use.

To facilitate the recycling of a case, it must be made of a single material, not a mixture of several components. A guarantee must also be given on the traceability of the material used in order to avoid the presence of toxic substances (Reach regulation).

Furthermore, the most ecological solution is to opt for a biosourced and biodegradable badge holder such as the Veget’all® badge holder, developed by APCards. In addition to fixing CO2 during the growth of the corn used in its composition, it does not release any toxic substances into the environment during its biodegradation.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly Veget'all badge holder
Vertical badge holder with key attachment

A badge holder adapted to the use

From a technical point of view, the best badge holder is the one that adapts to the needs and the intended use.

In Europe, the majority of badges are presented horizontally. However, some badges are presented vertically and require a vertical badge holder. In any case, the badge holder should be compatible with the addition of a neck lanyard or clip to suit different user profiles.

It is also important to consider the thickness of the badges and to ensure that the badge is held securely in the holder. For this purpose, a secure badge holder with a locking lug is recommended to prevent even the thinnest badges from falling out.

In addition, the transparency of the badge holder is essential to allow better visibility of the information on the badge. Zylar and polycarbonate badges are the materials that offer the best transparency.

Finally, other functions can be envisaged for certain badge holders. For example, the double badge holder can hold several cards and badges simultaneously. The rfid blocking badge holder with shielding will prevent any risk of hacking the badge and the information it contains, or the badge holder with key attachment allows the addition of a key ring, very practical for some!