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APCards is committed to reducing its environmental impact

Veget’all®, our eco-friendly case

In order to offer our customers an alternative to plastic products made from petroleum, our team has developed VEGET’ALL, a range of 100% vegetable cases made from French GMO-free corn, a natural and renewable resource.

Some materials contain only a part of plant origin with a very limited interest, because they are neither recyclable nor biodegradable. That is why AP Cards has been conducting tests and developments for several years to develop a 100% vegetable case, as clean as possible.

All VEGET’ALL® products have been certified 100% biodegradable under industrial composting conditions (NF EN 14995 certified by SERP BIO).

Our VEGET’ALL ® card guards and badge holders are entirely made in France, limiting the carbon footprint associated with their transport.

The Life Cycle of a Veget’all® Case

1 | Cultivation of maize

maïs capture stockage c02

GMO-free corn used in the manufacture of Veget’all® cases grows in the south-west of France.

In addition to providing a renewable natural material, its cultivation makes it possible to capture C02

2 | Harvest of maize

veget'all transport local proximité

At maturity, the maize is harvested and transported to the plant where it will be processed.

It is located less than 100km from the harvest site to limit the environmental impact associated with this transport.

3 | Transformation

usine transformation amidon maïs

This 100% vegetable raw material is processed at low temperatures to reduce energy consumption.

The material is then injected into a mould to take its final shape.

4 | Veget’all Case

protège-carte porte-carte porte-badgeécologique

The result is an eco-friendly protective case, 100% biosourced and biodegradable in a few months in industrial compost.

Degradation of the case will not release any harmful substances.

They chose Veget’all®

Keolis_Thionv_Fensch Veget'all APCards

Keolis Thionville-Fensch, a subsidiary of the Keolis Group, is the operator of the Citéline network which serves a population of approximately 200,000 in 35 municipalities. With its expertise in passenger transport, Keolis Thionville-Fensch strives to offer each resident of the territory the best conditions for travel, security and comfort possible.

Zoom on the sales offer of Citéline:

  • 48 lignes de transport ;
  • 20 lignes de transport à la demande, les Citél’O ;
  • 1 service pour personnes à mobilité réduite.
  • 2 agences commerciales
  • 1 e-boutique
  • 3 dépositaires

Les objectifs du groupe Keolis :

  • Sûreté des personnels et des voyageurs
  • Expertise et excellence opérationnelle
  • Développer la culture client et la mobilité partagée
  • Maîtrise technologique et digitale

Other actions: mono-material design and optimized packaging

As mentioned above, most of the card and badge protection cases we manufacture are single-material and therefore easily recyclable, unlike cases composed of a mixture of several materials. However, recyclable does not mean recycled, which is why we have developed the Recycl’Box service to guarantee this recycling.

In addition, APCards designed cases do not contain Bisphenol A or Phthalates, which are known to be endocrine disruptors. We have also optimised the packaging of our card holders to reduce our carton consumption.

Finally, the choice of a 100% French manufacture is part of a process to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transport of our card holders.