French manufacturer of card holders for professionals

APCards is commited to limiting environmental impact of its activity

Veget'all®, our eco-friendly card holder

Wishing to offer our customers an alternative to petroleum-derived plastic products, our team has developed VEGET’ALL®, a range of 100% vegetal cases made from GMO-free French corn, a natural and renewable resource.

Materials with only a part of plant origin are of very limited interest as they are neither recyclable nor biodegradable, which is why AP Cards has been conducting tests and developments for several years to develop 100% Bio-sourced and 100% Biodegradable products.

All the products in the VEGET’ALL® range have been certified 100% biodegradable under industrial composting conditions (NF EN 14995 certified by SERP BIO).

Entirely made in France, our VEGET’ALL® card holders and badge holders travel less than 200 kilometres from their design to their personalization, thus limiting the carbon footprint linked to their transport.

Recycl'box-recyclage-étuis carte badges-APCards

Our actions to limit our environmental impact of our card holders

We have implemented additional actions to limit the environmental impact of our products. Thus, most of the protective cases for cards and badges that we manufacture are mono-material and therefore easily recyclable. In addition, they do not contain Bisphenol A or Phthalates, which are known to be endocrine disruptors.

We rely on the quality and durability of our card holders. That is why they have a lifespan of several years. However, depending on the conditions of use, wear and tear may require replacement.

To facilitate recycling, we offer our customers used case collectors to be installed within their facilities. We then collect the used boxes free of charge to give them a second life.

Finally, we have optimised the packaging of our card holders to reduce our boxes consumption.