French manufacturer of card holders for professionals

APCards is present in different business sectors


APCards supplies many French and European public transport networks with a complete range of protective cases adapted to different travel passes.

The card holders manufactured by APCards allow users of public transport and school transport networks to protect their travel card (bus, tram, metro or train). Some models are also designed to be adapted to the specific ticketing system of each transport network. For example, they are suitable for both contactless (smart card) and thin travel passes such as tickets, magnetic tickets and contactless tickets (BSC) thanks to a universal flexible brake.

Without a protective case, these tickets are subject to repeated shocks, bending and rubbing, which makes them more fragile and degrades them more quickly to the point where they need to be replaced prematurely. APCards therefore provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for transport organisations. By opting for a card holder, the networks improve the quality of the service offered to users by extending the life of the tickets provided and limiting the costs of refurbishment.


APCards is present on the access control market thanks to a wide range of badge holders used to equip sites with regulated access (tertiary sector, head offices, industries and sensitive industries, logistics platforms, stations, airports, ports, etc.) These so-called sensitive sites require the wearing of a personal badge to enable security and safety teams to identify employees and prevent any unauthorised intrusion.

The badge holders designed and manufactured by APCards contribute to the safety of all by making the badge easier to wear and read. They are equipped with a notch for the addition of a neck lanyard allowing the badge to be worn horizontally or vertically. Innovation being one of APCards’ strengths, we have developed and patented a lockable badge holder, either temporarily or permanently, which provides an extra level of security, limiting the risk of badge replacement.

The different models of badge holders manufactured by APCards are also suitable for reinforcing the security of events (shows, sports events, trade fairs, congresses, etc.) by facilitating the control of entrances and exits, filtration, reception, orientation and information for visitors.


Thanks to a certified range of anti-RFID card holders, APCards collaborates with many actors in the banking sector who wish to protect the personal data of their customers and employees. With the development of contactless banking, the anti-RFID card holder provides effective protection against involuntary transactions or data hacking from a distance (less than one metre) by blocking the transmission of radio waves.

The cases developed by APCards are equipped with anti-RFID shields large enough to cover the entire card and protect all bank cards, including the latest generation of cards with the antenna on the edge of the card. This RFID protection has been certified by the specialist laboratory Elitt.

This protective technology is compatible with all cards that have an electronic chip containing sensitive information. The anti-RFID cases are therefore also aimed at the access control market, protecting sensitive sites from intrusion by short-range hacking of an employee’s personal access badge.


With its numerous references of card holders, APCards accompany students throughout their university life by offering them durable protection for their student card, transport card, catering card or library access card.

To meet this need, some cases in the range can accommodate several cards. There is also a trend towards combining several functions into a single multi-service smart card. This card is more practical but is nevertheless weakened by a greater frequency of use, and therefore needs to be protected as well.


According to the French Federation of Promotional Products Professionals, 7 out of 10 people have a good opinion of a company after receiving a quality goodie. And among these goodies, the card holder is an advertising object of choice for a business gift or a loyalty gift. Durable and economical, it can be used for several years, making it a profitable investment.

Thanks to its 2 flat sides, the card cover also offers multiple customisation possibilities (digital printing, silk-screening, specific colours, embossing / doming) to attract more people and become a real marketing tool. The
personalised card holder is a useful and practical everyday object that accompanies the customer in his every move, which ensures effective brand memorisation over time.

Many references of card or badge holders can be personalised by APCards to allow everyone to find the card holder adapted to their customers.