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Which solutions to ensure that the card is kept securely in the case?

By APCards | Reading time : 4 minutes

lug badge card holding system

Card holders are used to provide secure protection against deformation and wear that could damage the card, the printed information or its components: magnetic stripe, anti-RFID chip… The card holder must also provide reliable storage to avoid any risk of the card being removed involuntarily or lost. For this purpose, several designs exist.

Braking systems

– The baffle brakes are small thickened areas located on each of the 2 inner sides of the card cover. They reduce the width of the passage available for the card or badge which is clamped only in this area.

– The flexible brake is an internal thickening made on a flexible tab which, thanks to a progressive slope, causes an adaptive tightening of the card This system allows the case to hold cards or badges of very different thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 1.20 mm For this reason, cases with a flexible brake are called universal cases. They can even be made from a biosourced and biodegradable material to combine functionality and environmental responsibility.

The locking lug

A fixed wedge at the entrance to the card holder, over the insertion slot, allows the card or badge to be inserted but prevents it from being lost, slipped or dropped. This solution, which appears to be definitive, does, however, allow the card to be taken out very occasionally. Cases with a locking lug are called security cases and can also be made of 100% vegetal material.

The lockable card holder

The card holder with locking system is another alternative to allow the secure maintenance of the badge. Equipped with a two-way locking bar which is inserted on the side of the case, it allows the badge to be imprisoned temporarily (reopening possible using an unlocking key) or definitively depending on the direction of insertion. In addition to the fact that it prevents the badge from falling, its use is particularly suitable on sensitive secure sites to manage the issuance of restrictive access badges adapted to the profile of each employee.

In conclusion, although the card protector appears to be a product of relative simplicity, the technical know-how necessary for the mass production of these very high-precision cases requires high skills in plastic injection: part study, design. , tooling development, automation that will have an impact on the protection functions and secure maintenance of the case.