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Why choose an eco-responsible card holder ?

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Sustainable development, a challenge for all

Environmental protection is a major concern today. For consumers, it translates into a desire to consume products designed with an eco-responsible approach that have a limited environmental impact through their composition or durability.

For more and more companies, it is also a real challenge to reconcile economic development and sustainable development. What is certain is that the demand is there and professionals must adapt to find solutions.

Several elements can be taken into account in the design of the product to limit its environmental impact. French manufacturing, a guarantee of the quality and durability of our card holders, also makes it possible to limit the carbon footprint linked to their transport. Complementary actions have also been implemented, such as the Recycl’box, which encourages the recycling of our card cases.

But this is not enough, which is why new eco-friendly cases have been developed on the initiative of certain professionals.

Veget'all®, our eco-friendly card holder

For several years, some manufacturers have been concerned about developing an alternative to petroleum-based plastic cases.

This is now a reality thanks to Veget’all®, the first 100% plant-based card holder.

The result of several years of research and development, this range of cases, available in card and badge holders, is made from corn and is composed only of natural ingredients.

Its biodegradability in industrial compost is also certified (NF 14995). The case therefore does not release any toxic substances into the environment.

Technically, this innovative material offers the same characteristics as oil-based cases, such as good shock resistance and transparency, making it easy to read the badge or card.

In addition, the possibilities of customisation in specific colours are also made possible by the use of natural pigments.

Since 2017, over 600,000 Veget’all cases have been sold and approved by customers. Proof of the enthusiasm for this type of product. So, you too can choose an ecological card holder.

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