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Protect your sensitive data with RFIDWall®

RFIDWall® cases provide protection against involuntary payment and piracy of card and badge data with specific shielding.

Card holder-anti-rfid-rfidwall-apcards

A range of cases available in card protectors and badge holders.

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A large shielding area suitable for the latest generation of bank cards.


Anti-RFID protection certified by an accredited testing laboratory.

apcards french designer manufacturer badhe holder anti-rfid made in france

A production in our factories located in the West of France.

Why choose an anti-RFID case ?

Discover how the anti-RFID card holder works in one of our articles on the subject.

Card holder-secure-shielded-anti-rfid

Certified anti-RFID protection

Thanks to their specific shielding, our RFID cases guarantee protection against involuntary transaction or remote data piracy.

More informations ?

We are available to answer your questions and provide more information about RFIDWall®.

The entire range adapts to your needs. Consult us for more information about customization options.

Card holder-secure-shielded-anti-rfid

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