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Card holders protect your cards but not only...

By APCards | Reading time : 3 minutes

The badge holder, a response to safety issues

In large companies where hundreds or even thousands of people may be present on a site, badge holders play a key role in facilitating the identification of individuals.

They allow security personnel to distinguish between employees, visitors and outsiders and to prevent any intrusion that could compromise the security of the company. The use of a lockable badge holder specifically adapted to this type of case is recommended.

Indeed, badge holders are particularly appreciated on sensitive sites where access is increasingly controlled and regulated by electronic smart cards.

To counter the risk of hacking these chips, the anti-rfid badge holder makes it impossible to remotely read or modify the information on the chip, such as access rights for example.

The personalised card holder, a real communication tool

The card holder, a useful everyday object, offers first-rate communication support.

Slipped into the customer’s pocket or bag, your brand accompanies them every day! A guaranteed visibility and an advertising impact more effective than a display in the traditional media.

The advertising card holder is also a durable object that can be used for several years. It is therefore one of the best ways to make the brand remembered over time.

This impact can be reinforced depending on the characteristics of the case. An eco-responsible card holder will reflect the image of a company involved in an environmental approach.

Another example: an anti-RFID card holder, which prevents the theft of bank data will enable a company to become involved in protecting its customers.

In addition, the personalisation techniques available today offer ever greater and more innovative creative potential. Whether it’s printing a logo digitally, silk-screening or embossing (doming), there are many options available to make a card holder even more attractive to customers and prospects.

More innovative uses

Card holders have been developed to meet specific needs. The idea is to add an additional use to the main purpose of the card holder which is to protect the card.

Innovations include a card holder with integrated storage for coins, credit card receipts or an informative flyer.

Based on the same concept of a dual-purpose case, the practical and stylish dual-purpose card holder with integrated mirror unfolds and folds up to allow it to be stored in a pocket or handbag. It makes an ideal practical and stylish dual-purpose loyalty gift for any business.